Premiere Crew is run and founded by nice, hardworking film industry people. We know how hard it is to get a foot in the door of the industry and that’s why we’ve set up Premiere Crew; the contemporary, low-cost resource for Supervisors finding crew, and for crew trying to find work.

We’re here to help Supervisors find good people and help good people find jobs. Oh, and we’re using our extensive database of top-tier industry talent to give us top tips and advice to help you feel inspired again! If we’re honest, the pandemic has put the world on hold, but despite the difficulties, film and HETV continue to be in high demand.
This is where you come in! Think of Premiere Crew as your express route to getting back up and running. If you’re looking for a job, there’s no faster way to be seen, with a starting date that suits you.

We believe finding a job should be fair and accessible for all. That's why we keep membership costs to the absolute minimum, to ensure our service remains an open resource for our film family. We feed all membership fees back into the costs of hosting and maintaining the site, so we can continue to provide a platform for you to keep getting the jobs you love. We also want to help support those who supported us, and with every membership purchased - we will be making a donation to the Film & TV Charity.

P.S. We believe in the safety of our members' details. Our Member's confidentiality is protected and kept out of the public domain. We will never share your details with anyone other than the Supervisors who are searching for you!

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Premiere Crew was founded by a team of film industry professionals, working across a variety of departments, who have worked on projects led by Universal Studios, HBO, Warner Brothers, Legendary and Netflix. Through their extensive network (including industry advisors and executives), Premiere Crew was launched into existence during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a platform to assist the industry in getting back on its feet - saving time, focus and money for productions; where they’re needed the most. 


We provide a contemporary approach to introducing new talent to the industry, while helping to continue the careers of our established crew members.  Our approach is based on showcasing member’s skill sets, contact details and availability to Supervisors searching for crew. We encourage fairness, diversity and equal opportunities for all.

We advocate an efficient, professional and live approach to the crewing process, offering up-to-date information of all our members. Live crew availability is key for us, in providing the most current crew details possible.

Regardless of experience or ranking, we encourage the growth of brilliant hardworking, passionate and talented individuals. Collaborative crew talent and individual excellence is fundamental to us, in helping build the best crews possible.

Our members are dedicated, like-minded individuals who receive a unique service from us and in return; help us build and extend our reliable, hardworking network

We advocate mutual respect, a caring attitude and a supportive environment between members and Supervisors.


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