Premiere Crew was founded and is run by nice, hardworking film industry people. We know how hard it is to get a foot in the door of the industry and that’s why we’ve set up Premiere Crew; the contemporary, free resource for Supervisors finding crew, and for crew trying to find work.

We want to help Supervisors find good people and help good people find jobs. We’re also using our extensive database of top-tier industry talent to give you tips and advice to help you feel inspired again! We know the pandemic has put the world on hold, but despite the difficulties, film and TV continues to rise in high demand. This is where you come in! Think of Premiere Crew as your express route to getting back up and running. If you’re looking for a job, there’s no faster way to be seen and with a start date that suits you!

We believe finding a job should be fair and accessible for all. That's why we’re offering free memberships (with a choice of donation) to ensure our service remains an open resource for our film family. We also want to help support those who have supported us, so with every donation given - we will be contributing to our friends over at the Film & TV Charity.

P.S. We believe in the safety of our Members' details. Our Member's confidentiality is protected and kept out of the public domain. We will never share your details with anyone other than the Supervisors who are searching for you!

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meet the team:

Premiere Crew was founded by a team of film industry professionals, working across a variety of departments. Between us, we've worked on projects led by Universal Studios, HBO, Warner Brothers, Legendary and Netflix. With support from our collective film networks (including industry advisors and executives), we aim to keep Premiere Crew as accessible to all as possible. We’re still finding our feet with this, but we’re growing rapidly and that's all thanks to you guys!
Our admin team varies from time to time, depending on when our team members are available to help out (usually between projects, on weekends or during global lockdowns, when we all have some free time on our hands!).

Tim Adams: Operations
Tim spends his days running around the Art Dept. so apologies in advance if there’s a typo in his email response! Tim’s role involves overseeing general admin relations from membership activation on-site, to answering your online queries. When he’s not drawing up or sprinting between sets, he’s usually always on hand to answer your questions and help out where he can.

Jen Murphy: Business Relations
When she’s not coordinating Art Department’s and assisting Production Designers, Jen can be found either in the Costume Department or as an Associate to Production Execs. Jen’s never managed an instagram account before, but she’s been happily freestyling it this far! @her for all things PR, new biz, press and social media related! *Like and Subscribe*

We’re always on the lookout for anyone interested in film to come aboard. Maybe you’re interested in helping out with admin, writing film reviews/ blog entries or maybe you have some suggestions for our social media content! If you think you’ve got something to offer, we’re all ears - whatever it might be! One thing though, as we’re a non-profit platform; any revenue accrued is fed straight back into site maintenance and helping out The Film & TV Charity, meaning all we can offer in return is a big thank you and some fun experience!

If you’re interested in joining the team please give us an email on hello@premiere-crew.com.


We want to encourage the industry to open its arms and look in new places, for new talent and for free. We would like to help new members get a foot in the door, with their skillset alone – especially if they do not have any industry connections. We also want to help seasoned crew be seen by new Supervisors, whom they may not have worked with before. We advocate fairness, diversity and equal opportunities for all. 

Regardless of experience or ranking, we encourage the growth of brilliant hardworking, passionate and talented individuals. Collaborative crew talent and individual excellence is fundamental to us, in helping build the best crews possible.

Our members are dedicated, like-minded individuals who receive a unique service from us and in return; help us build and extend our reliable, hardworking crew network.

We promote mutual respect, a caring attitude and a supportive environment between members and Supervisors.


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